Senate Honours for Scientific Publications

With the objective of encouraging staff members to carry out high quality research and publish them in indexed journal, a rewarding scheme is implemented at the University of Kelaniya. The staff members who publish their research in indexed journals are awarded Senate Honours and cash awards.

The cash awards are awarded in two categories. For a research paper published in a journal indexed in Science Citation Index, Arts and Humanities Citation index or Social Sciences Citation Index, a maximum of Rs. 50,000.00 is awarded. For a research paper published in a journal indexed in any other citation index, a maximum of Rs. 7500.00 is awarded.
In order to qualify for Senate Honours and cash awards, staff members should have opened Google Scholar and ResearchGate accounts and made them public.

The first ceremony for these awards was held on 25th March 2015 at the 284th Meeting of the Senate. At this meeting the following 37 staff members received Senate Honours and cash awards.

Faculty of Commerce & Management

  1. Dr. K.A.S. Dhammika
  2. Dr. P.M.C. Thilakarathne

Faculty of Medicine

  1. Dr. Sureka Chackrawarthy
  2. Dr. P.C. Chandrasinghe
  3. Dr. Anuruddha Dasanayaka
  4. Prof. A.P. De Silva
  5. Prof. H.J. de Silva
  6. Prof. N.R. de Silva
  7. Dr. S.T. de Silva
  8. Dr.N.M. Devanarayana
  9. Dr. Tiran D. Dias
  10. Dr. P.A S. Edirisinghe
  11. Dr. Shymani Hettiarachchi
  12. Dr. I.D.G. Kitulwatte
  13. Dr. M.B.C. Motha
  14. Dr. M.A. Niriella
  15. Dr. P. Paranitharan
  16. Ms. P. Shiromi Perera
  17. Prof. A.P. Premawardhana
  18. Dr. Shaman Rajindrajith
  19. Dr Madunil Anuk Niriella
  20. Dr K V H K K Perera
  21. Mr A G Premaratne

Faculty of Science

  1. Prof. P. Hewageegana
  2. Prof. L.B.D R.P Wijesundara
  3. Mr. K.M.D.C Jayathilaka
  4. Prof. U.S. Amarasinghe
  5. Prof. R.K.S. Dias
  6. Prof. W.U. Chandrasekera
  7. Mr. H.P. Wijekoon
  8. Prof. M.D. Amarasinghe
  9. Prf. L.D. Amarasinghe

Faculty of Humanities

  1. Prof. Chamindi dilkushi senaratne
  2. Dr. Rohini Chandrica Widyalankara

Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. Mr.Buddhika Niranjan Gamage
  2. Mrs. S.R.S.Nishanthi Gunesekara
  3. Mrs. J.A. Prashansha Kumari