A Guest Lecture from Professor Kim McDonough

Professor Kim McDonough, a renowned expert in Second Language Acquisition and language teaching research of the Concordia University, Canada delivered a public lecture on ‘Applying insights from psycholinguistic to L2 teaching: Using structural priming tasks in L2 classrooms’ on the 14th of February 2017. The lectures was held at the Professor Kotahena Sri Pragna Keerthi Memorial Hall, University of Kelaniya. It was organized by the Department of English Language Teaching of the University of Kelaniya.

Professor Kim McDonough is a professor of Applied Linguistics at the Department of Education in Concordia University, Canada. Her research interests include Psycholinguistics approaches to Second Language Acquisition, classroom based acquisition research, collaborative writing and task based language teaching.

Through this public lecture, she emphasised how structural priming can be used, in order to teach L2; second language. Drawing upon insights from psycholinguistics, she explained the importance of using structural priming in collaborative language learning tasks to foster peer interaction and accuracy in the communicative EFL classroom. Structural priming is the tendency to reproduce a syntactic structure that was used in a proceeding discourse . Professor McDonough has authored and edited many books and articles on her field of interest.