School Awareness Programmes on Solar Power Utilisation

Solar Edu-Training Research and Development project is funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research to develop highly skilled workforce in the areas of solar technology research, development, manufacturing and installation in Sri Lanka during next five years from 2017-2021. The project will be progressing collaboratively with four national universities (Jaffna, Kelaniya, Peradeniya and Ruhuna) and Sivananthan Laboratory INC in USA. Under this project programmes to be implemented are awareness programme with hands-on sessions for O/L and A/L school students, awareness programme for O/L Science & A/L Technology stream teachers, workshop with stakeholders, workforce training of 2000 youths, and research & development projects for prototype manufacturing of Solar Panels in Sri Lanka.

As an initiative, 4 pilot awareness programmes were conducted by the Solar Edu-Training Project on solar power utilisation to educate school children from Grade 8 to 12 from two neighbouring schools on 27th and 28th February 2017 at the Department of Physics, where 86 students from Gurukula Maha Vidyalaya and 63 students from Sri Dharmaloka Central College in Kelaniya were participated in these sessions. In addition, 7 students who are the members of Innovation Society of Musaeus College in Colombo also participated. During the programme they learnt and experienced how solar power is converted to electricity and used to power-up laboratory scale fans, table lamps and motorised vehicles.