Research Assistantship – MPhil in Battery Chemistry – Application Deadline extended

Product Research & Development Scientist (Power Migration Partners Ltd UK & University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka)

Are you passionate about clean energy and saving the world? Do you like laboratory work on battery chemistry development and fast track careers development? Finally would you like to work with world class scientists from Sri Lanka, UK and USA which will help you to become a leading battery scientist in the world within a short time? If so, this may be the role for you!

The Role
Power Migration Partner Ltd (PMP) in UK and University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka are offering an exciting opportunity to work on a 24 month full time flow battery research project leading to an MPhil, where your contract will be extended to another two years (or more) based on your performance. Experts in PMP will work along with you and train you on the job in order to bring you up to speed in the job.

The role will be mainly involved with;
• Literature survey on Lithium-polysulphide battery technology
• Synthesizing polysulphide based electrolytes in a glove box or dry room environment
• Synthesising organic and inorganic chemicals for flow battery improvements
• Thin film layer coating of anode and cathode slurries on conductive substrates
• Analytical work
• Battery assembly and testing
Working closely with academics at University of Kelaniya and the Research team at PMP, you will have the opportunity to expand your skills in battery research technologies.

Monthly Stipend: LKR 40,00000

The Person
• Should be a graduate with an MSc in Chemistry or a BSc with Chemistry with at least two years of practical chemical laboratory experience who will be able to comfortably work in a chemical laboratory environment.
• Should be able to use and work with basic laboratory equipment and should have experience in using chemical analytical instruments. Any knowledge in Lithium-Sulphur battery chemistry, experience in lithium based battery chemistries, experience in solid electrode interface (SEI) in any chemical system, experience using polar aprotic solvents such as DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide), experience in NMR techniques, experience in SEM (scanning electron microscope) sample preparation and experience working with glove boxes will be added advantages.
• Will have the opportunity to develop a diverse range of skills in the areas of chemical and material science. Developing these skills in a complex and commercial environment will provide a unique opportunity for career progression and gaining significant experience.
• We require a self-starter and a finisher who will perform beyond the bounds of the immediate tasks set and create real impact for Power Migration partners Ltd and the University of Kelaniya.
• The successful candidate will have the opportunity to develop a diverse range of non-technical skills such as project management, leadership and an understanding of complex business processes in order to become a manager of tomorrow within this sector. You will be demonstrably pragmatic, creative, highly proactive and able to work well on your own initiative. You will have excellent organizational, ICT, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as experience of technical report writing.

How to apply
If you are interested please send a self-prepared application along with a complete CV to the address mentioned below on or before 15th June 2017 May 2017. Also please e-mail a softcopy of the application to:

Research and Services Centre
Faculty of Science
University of Kelaniya
Kelaniya 11600

24 May 2017