Awareness Workshop on “Sustainable Development & Environmental Conservation”

An awareness workshop on “Sustainable Development & Environmental Conservation” and a Q & A session organized by the Green Practices Committee (GPC) and the Japanese Club of the University of Kelaniya, under the guidance of Dr. Dilrukshi Rathnayake, the Head of the Department of Modern Languages (GPC member) was successfully held on the 5th of July 2017 at Kotahena Sri Pragnakeerthi Memorial Hall.

The objective of the workshop was to give an awareness to the undergraduates on the “Green Concept” and “Sustainable Development & Environmental Conservation”. A lecture on the “Relationship between Humans and the Environment” was delivered by Prof. Patrick Ratnayake, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and a lecture on “Young Leaders for Sustainable Sri Lanka” was delivered by Dr.U.P.K. Epa, the Director of the Centre for Sustainability Solutions (CSS) of the University of Kelaniya. After delivering the lectures, Question-and-Answer (Q&A) session was conducted by Ms. Asanka Dilini, the Project Associate to evaluate the undergraduates’ awareness on Environmental issues in Sri Lanka.

Prof. Patrick Ratnayake, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr.P.N.D Fernando, the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies and the Deputy Director of the CSS, Dr.U.P.K.Epa ,the Director of CSS, Dr. D.S.M. De Silva of the Department of Chemistry, the members of GPC, members of the Japanese Club and the undergraduates of the Department of Modern languages participated in this workshop.