Provision of First-Aid Boxes

A wide range of activities are undertaken by the University and the nature and extent of the risks that arise from these must be considered when determining the overall level of first-aid provision that is required. As a first step, First-Aid Boxes with medicine were distributed to all the internal and external hostels on the 12th of July 2017 at the Senate Room of the University of Kelaniya. This humanitarian task was organized by Ven. Dr. Dodamkumbure Dammadhassi Thero, the Chief Student Counsellor with the help of the officers of the Student Welfare Division.

It is necessary to provide first-aid boxes to meet the needs of all the students who are in the Hostels of the University. It is hoped that the provision of these First Aid Boxes may help the students to keep them healthy as they pursue their studies.

This event was participated by Prof. D.M. Semasinghe- the Vice Chancellor, W.M. Karunaratratne- the Registrar, wardens, academic sub wardens and full time sub wardens of the internal and external hostels of the University of Kelaniya.