Phase II of Dengue Prevention Campaign by AHEAD “Let’S Start – Do and – Finish Dengue”

The Association of Human Resources Escalation And Development (AHEAD) of the Department of Human Resources Management in collaboration with “Manusath Derana”, National Dengue Control Unit, and George Steuart Health (Pvt) Ltd organized a staggering Dengue Awareness Campaign “Let’S Start – Do and – Finish Dengue” in Kelaniya, and nearby areas on the Saturday 15th July, 2017

The expected outcome of the programme was to develop a dialogue among people in managing their waste properly, to mind their actions and inactions to prevent from Dengue. The Undergraduates of the University of Kelaniya distributed 30,000 plus leaflets among households in Kelaniya area and guided them towards leading a healthy lifestyle. The George Steuart Health (Pvt) Ltd was the healthcare partner of this project who provided more than 100,000 leaflets to AHEAD for distribution.

Ministers, Members of the parliament and other politicians also took part in the campaign apart from the volunteers from various bodies. There were more than 80 undergraduates from the Department of Human Resource Management and the Department of Marketing Management who were directly involved in the programme. The University crew was led by Dr. D.U. Mohan – Head, Department of Human Resource Management, Mr. Arjun De Silva – Senior Treasurer of AHEAD, and Mr. N.M. Aruna Shantha – Curator of the University of Kelaniya.