New call for applications: Undergraduate, academic and administrative staff mobility, Merging Voices Project, Portugal

New Call for Applications for Undergraduate, Academic and Administrative Staff Mobility
Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Merging Voices Project, Portugal
University of Kelaniya is one of the main partners of Erasmus+ Merging Voices Project coordinated by Universidade Nova Lisboa (Nova University Lisbon) with three other partner universities from Portugal. Call is now open for the for Undergraduates for one semester and Academic and Administrative Staff Mobility Grants of one week’s duration.
Closing date: 10th May 2018
Apply for a scholarship after reading the guidelines on homepage of Merging Voices:
Online application:
Project website:
Partner institutions:

1. How to apply

Online submission
To fill in the Application Form, the following steps must be considered:
1. The applicants should have a valid e-mail address and an internet connection.
2. As a way to access the form, the applicants should create a new login in the “Apply” section, selecting the type of scholarship they want to apply to (ex: Academic staff mobility).
3. The form will open with a set of questions regarding general eligibility criteria.

Only online applications are considered eligible. Applications sent by mail, fax or e-mail will not be accepted.

2. Documents to be submitted by the applicants

The applicants should submit in section 10, together with the online application, a digital copy of several documents. In case a document is considered mandatory by the host institution, it must also be included online. If a candidate fails to do so the application will be immediately excluded without any possibility of appeal.
Photo (mandatory for all applicants)
Passport data page
Certificates proving the obtained degree/other qualifications In the case of having achieved more than one academic degree, the uploaded file must contain the scan of all documents
Statement of support from the University of origin – This document must be issued by a professor or by the respective academic department of the applicant. It must be dated, signed and stamped by the home institution, otherwise it will not be considered valid and the application will be immediately excluded. (Mandatory for all applicants)
Statement of the partner institution (University of Kelaniya) with a brief description of the applicant’s main activity – This document must be dated, signed and stamped by the institution, otherwise it will not be considered valid and the application will be immediately excluded. (Mandatory for Academic and Administrative Staff) This letter can be issued by the relevant Head of Department/Dean or Head of the relevant administrative section.
Certificate of language skills – In cases when institutions do not require it, it is optional.
Other documents relevant for the application

How to upload a document?
– You should follow the following steps for each of the required documents
– Click in “Browse” and select the document
– Click in “Upload”
– After uploading all the documents you just need to click in “Back to the menu” and the section will become green (). GUI-PDF-TK and PDFSAM are useful free software for handling PDF documents. You can download it from the application form.
– You must start by putting in a folder all PDF documents you want to merge. Then you should use the “Join” command to merge them all in a new single PDF document. Afterwards you can upload the new document to the correspondent section.

3. Grant

Staff exchange (Academic and Administrative Staff – STA)
Amount per diem: 120 EUR
Student exchange: 800 EUR per month
Travel grant: 1100 EUR per participant

Contact the Centre for International Affairs for further details.
011 2903797