A Donation of Chinese Books by Sunshine Culture Publishers

A collection of books worth around five lakhs was donated to the Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya by a Chinese book publisher: Sunshine Culture, on the 12th of June 2018 at the Senate Room of the University. This donation was made with the objective of forging the relationship between Sri Lanka and China.

The donation was made by Prof. Semasinghe, Deputy Vice- Chancellor of the University. The event was coordinated by Senior Lecturer Dr. Priyanwada Wanigasooriya, Department of Library and Information Science. Deans of Faculties, Senior Lecturer Ven. Dr. Legumdeniye Piyarathna Thero, Academic Staff of the Department, Ven. Prof. Nedalagamuwe Dhammadinna Thero, Department of Modern Languages, the Librarian and Library staff members participated in the event.