A Delegation from the University of Kelaniya to Attend Summer Camp in China

The delegation selected to participate in the Summer Camp in China was provided with air tickets on the 22nd of June 2018 at the Senate Room. The Confucius Centre was the sponsor of the air tickets and this camp is held with the objective of broadening the students’ opportunity to learn Chinese and identify Chinese culture.

8 undergraduates representing all the faculties participated in the Summer Camp which was scheduled to be held from 07th to 20th of July at the Chon Qing University, China.

The air tickets were distributed by Prof. Lakshman Senevirathne, Deputy Vice- Chancellor of the University. The event was graced by Prof. Patrick Rathnayake, Dean- Faculty of Humanities, Senior Lecturer Dr. Dilrukshi Rathnayake, Head- Department of Modern Languages, Prof. Wang Wanxia, Chinese Director of Confucius Centre and Dr. Kumari Priyanka, Sri Lankan Director of Confucius Centre.