Another Chapter in Senate Awards

Another session of presenting Senate Honours and Cash Prizes to appreciate the researchers in the University of Kelaniya was held on the 28th of June 2018 at the Senate Room of the University. The researchers whose papers were published in internationally recognized journals in 2017 were appreciated and the Senate Honours and Cash Prizes were awarded for the researchers by Prof. D.M. Semasinghe, the Vice- Chancellor of the University.

Prof. A.L. Karunanayake, Department of Anatomy, Senior Prof. J.R.P. Jayakodi, Department of Physics, Senior Lecturer Dr. D.S.M. De Silva, Department of Chemistry, Senior Professor Mangalika Hettiarachchi, Department of Zoology and Environmental Management received Senate Honours. Senior Prof. Ariyarathne Athugala and Senior Lecturer Darshana Somarathne, Department of Mass Communication also received Senate Hounours based on Innovation Pilot Research.