Inauguration of Diploma in Disaster Management

The inauguration ceremony of Diploma in Disaster Management offered by the Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences was held on the 27th of October 2018 at the Board Room of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The inauguration was held for the 07th batch of the diploma and it consists nearly 25 students. This was held with the objective of introducing the course units and the academic staff members to newly enrolled students.

Dr. Vishaka Hidellage, Senior Advisor- United Nations Development Programme delivered the keynote speech of the event which was held under the patronage of Prof. A.H.M.H. Abayarathne, Dean- Faculty of Social Sciences. Dr. Hidellage who has contributed to this programme as a Sri Lankan representative and an Assistant Director, delivered her speech on disaster risk reduction and climate adaption.

Senior Lecturer Dr. A.G. Amarasinghe, Department of Geography, Lecturer Mr. Sampath Arunashantha, Coordinator- Diploma in Disaster Management and the academic staff members of the department graced the event.