Kalana Mithuru Sevana (Student Counselling Unit )

February 10th, 2015

Emotional and psychological problems disturb academic achievements of students. The primary purpose of the Kalana Mithuru Sevana(KMS) is to promote a healthy environment for students of the University and enhance student learning. This unit empowers students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and mindset needed to identify their problems and to make use of their own strengths and resources to solve the problem by themselves and provides regular developmental, preventive, and therapeutic services to students.
Any student of the University may approach the KMS if they want someone to talk about their problems. Furthermore, if any student is identified as in need of special medical treatment, she/he would be referred to a qualified medical doctor. 
The unit also engages in programs that promotes intellectual, emotional and social development of students and offers opportunities for personal development that will lead to enhanced learning. The unit organises induction and awareness programmes, workshops and guest seminars, as major means of reaching the students community.


Kalana Mithuru Sevana will provide following services.

Student counseling
There are many benefits to working in a professional / therapeutic relationship with an adviser / counsellor on an individual basis. It can be a relief to tell someone who is impartial about difficulties you have struggled with on your own. You may have a longstanding concern, be encountering new difficulties, or simply have a sense that something isn’t right. Counselling often leads to seeing a problem in a new way, and feeling more able to get to grips with it.

Advice for parents
Kalana Mithuru Sevana provide advice for parents who are aware that their child is struggling at university and are unsure how best to help them. It can be especially worrying when your child is not very communicative about their difficulties and appears resistant to seeking help.

Advice for staff
If you are concerned about the welfare of a student you can seek help to ensure that support and treatment is provided as early as possible. Student distress may become apparent in a variety of ways. Sometimes they require more help than academic staff are willing or able to give. Kalana Mithuru Sevana can either help the student directly or advise the staff member about potential strategies.


Dr. (Mrs.) S.S. Weligamage –  Department of Finance

B.Com (Ruhuna), MBA (AIT- Thailand) MEB (ESCP-EAP-UK), PhD (Panjab), CBA(CASL) PGD in Counseling (C’bo)


Rev. Kubukkandana Revetha    
B.A. (Perad’ya), M.phil. (Kel’ya), Dip. in Counseling (IPS)

Department of Philosophy


Dr. M.D.A. Rodrigi                 
M.B.B.S. (C’bo), MD.Psych (C’bo), MRCPsych (UK), FRANZCP (Aus), Adv. Cert. Psychotherapies (Aus)

Department of Psychiatry


Dr. (Mrs.) A.N. Wijayanayake 
B.Sc. (Kel’ya), M.Eng. (TokyoTech), D.Eng. (TokyoTech)

Department of Industrial Management 


Mrs. C.B. Wijesundara            
B.B.Mgt (Mkt) (Kel’ya), M.Sc in MIT (Kel’ya)

Department of Marketing Management


Mrs.S A N Salwathura
B.A. (Kel’ya), M.phil. (Kel’ya)

Department of Hindi


Mrs. J.A.P. Kumari                  
B.A. (Kel’ya), M.A. (Kel’ya), M.Phil (Kel’ya)

Department of Economics


Ms.T.L.D.de Silva
B.A. (Kel’ya), MSc (Mor’wa), PG Dip ( PGIRA)

Visual Arts,Design and Performing Arts Unit


Mrs. Dinithi Padmasiri            
B.B.Mgt (HRMt) (Kel’ya)

Department of Human Resource Management


Dr.  A.M. T. Amarakoon          
B.Sc. (Perad’ya), Ph.D( Southampton, UK)

Department of Chemistry  

wickramaarachchi Dr. (Mrs.) D.N. Wickramaarachchi
B.Sc. (Kel’ya), M.Sc (C’bo), Ph.D (La Trobe, Australia)

Department of Industrial Management 


Mr. T.D. Weerasinghe
BSc (HRM) Special (S.J’pura), MBA (PIM)

Department of Human Resource Management

Unit opening Hours  – 9.00 am- 4.00pm ( Weekdays)
Place – BLOCK F1 (Room F1 003)

Contact Telephone Numbers-0112917710 / 011 2930184
Extension Number – 184
E Mail Address kms@kln.ac.lk