Academic Establishments

செப்டம்பர் 17th, 2014

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Senior Assistant Registrar:  Mr. B. A. N. Krishantha

Telephone: 011-2911919 / 077-3677848 /

Welcome to the Academic Establishments Division of the University of Kelaniya. As one of the most significant divisions of the University, the academic establishments division serves as the central Human Resources service provider to the academic, administrative and academic support staff members. The main objective of the division is to recruit most committed, qualified and excelled academics, professionals and administrative officers with the aim of achieving university’s vision.

Throughout the year this division performs various functions from recruitment to promotions, performance management, leave administration, compensation and benefits for the above mentioned staff groups. We aim at continuous improvement, providing greater customer service and achieving higher organizational productivity by excelling what we do throughout the year. Updating and maintaining personal files, approved cadre and making requests to the University Grants Commission to fill additional cadre requirements are other responsibilities of this division.


Contact Details:                

Telephone     011-2911919       077-3677848



Our Staff Members:  

  Name  Designation  
  Ms. H. P.  Wajira Chandrani    Senior Staff Assistant
  Ms. Shirani  Lambert  Senior Staff Assistant
  Ms. G. D. L. P. Ranasinghe    Clerk Grade I
  Ms. M. P. R. J.  Wijedasa   Clerk Grade I
  Mr. D. J. G. I.  Dissanayake  Computer Application Assistant Grade II
  Ms. A. K.  Manoji  Kokila   Computer Application Assistant Grade II
  Ms. P. R. D. T. Chandrasena   Computer Application Assistant Grade III
  Ms. M. D. A.  Sharmila   Computer Application Assistant Grade III
  Ms. A. A. D.  Harshani  Computer Application Assistant Grade III
  Mr. P. Nandana Jayarathne    Book Binder Special Grade
  Mr. A. C. L. Prasanna Labourer Grade II
  Mr. M. P. C. N.  Pathirana Labourer Grade III
  Ms. G. R. D.  Sameera Kumari   Lab Attendent Grade III  

Following forms are available to be downloaded;

  1. Application for vacant academic post
  2. Leave Application