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Final Announcement

10th ANeT International Conference 2015

23rd October - 26th October, 2015

University of Kelaniya

Sri Lanka

THEME: Diversity, Importance and Conservation of Ant Communities in Asia

Organized by

Department of Zoology and Environmental Management,

University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka



Non-members can also join



Invitation from the Conference Chair (Organizing Committee Member of ANeT)

I am delighted to host 10th ANeT Conference and workshop at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka in 2015. I have long awaited to gain this opportunity since year 2000 and I kindly invite all scientists who conduct research on various aspects of Asian ants to attend and present your findings at this Conference. Share your findings with others so that myrmecology in Asia will be developed by incorporating their valuable suggestions and comments. Also, all postgraduate students in the field of myrmecology should attend and present papers at this ANeT Conference because  future developments of ant science is in your hands!

Message from Dr. Himender Bharti (President of ANeT)

On behalf of ANeT committee, I invite you to the 10th International Conference on Ants (ANeT- 2015) to be held at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka from 23rd October to 26th October, 2015. The theme of the meeting is “Diversity, Importance and Conservation of Ant Communities in Asia”. The theme of present meeting is very relevant in terms of ongoing ecosystem degradation, habitat loss, climate change etc. I sincerely hope that the present conference would benefit the participants a lot and the outcome would provide an insightful direction to researchers. Since the inception of ANeT, the science of myrmecology has progressed a lot in Asia. Kudos to the efforts of members of ANeT. The journal of ANeT “Asian Myrmecology” has come up as an outstanding journal with scientific contributions of good academic standard. Finally, I congratulate Prof. R. K. Sriyani Dias and her team, who has taken the initiative to organize the conference in Sri Lanka and I hope it would be a wonderful meeting.

Past ANeT Conferences

The 1st ANeT Conference was held at Kasetsart University, Thailand in 1999.

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