Being established in 1995 with the founding of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, as Department of Accountancy & Human Resource Management, we have a long and proud history of producing graduates equipped with profound insight in catering to the needs of the Sri Lankan and the global business community. With the upgrading of the Accountancy Unit into a separate Department in June 1999, the mother Department was renamed as the Department of Human Resource Management.

The greatest strength of our Department is the highly qualified faculty, possessing esteemed qualifications, research insight and expertise in imparting knowledge.

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Managing People has been in practice and evolving with the evolution of human kind for hundreds of years. Getting peoples’ contribution for an intended purpose has been the critical focus of managing people in all times though it is labeled, defined and interpreted differently time to time. Today’s HR challenges are dichotomous: Empirical HR Challenges; and scholarly HR challenges.Empirical HR challenges arouse us to research and teach the most appropriate HR practices and how to apply them where they are needed. HR scholarly challenges stimulate us to eliminate HRM’s definitional myopia and encompass nontraditional scope in people management using a contextual approach to deliver firstly the intended local flavors and secondly the international tastes.

We are a national arm, that has pioneered HRM education in Sri Lanka with notable land marks: start of Bachelor of Business Management (Human Resource Management) degree in 1995; start of Nation’s first postgraduate Diploma in HRM and Master of Human Resource Management degree, in 2005 and 2010; launching the first HRM journal in 2004 while providing leadership for many an innovative events. We dream to shape our future as the “ true HR value provider in terms of research, education and consultancies’ while defining our audience in a nontraditional way to include all relevant stakeholders going beyond private and public corporate organizations where the demand is create for people management and people development. Thus we promise to deliver to be the best choice of industries’ demand for HRM graduates; the nation’s first choice for HRM postgraduate studies; and the cost effective HR solution provider for organizations. We value our dynamic talents, performing culture, and academic leadership as the competitive strengths in the realization of our dream.


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