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Industry Flavour 2015

' Industry Flavor 2015 ' organized by the AHEAD Student Association, Department of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies University of Kelaniya was held on 24th November 2015 at Faculty Auditorium with the presence of Professor Sunanda Madduma Bandara, Dr D.M Semasinghe, Dr. D.U.Mohan, Mr.Chandana wijayanama, general manager, human resource s, south asia gateway terminals as the key note speaker and many Industry personalities. (View the Images)

“HR 3D’s talent show – 2015”

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HR Impression – 2015

One event out of the three main events of HR 3Ds.

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Dr. K.A.S.Dammika
PhD (Management), B.B.Mgt.(HR) (Kelaniya), PGD in Bus. Statistic (Sri J.), PG Cert. in HRM (PIM), M.Com.(Kelaniya), MIM(SL)
Senior Lecturer Grade I

Head of the Department

Deputy Director - Center for Distance and Continuing Education

Professor (Mrs). D. R. Dissanayake
B.Sc.(Pub.Ad.Vidyod.), M.Com.(Colombo)
Professor, Department of HRM

Mrs. I.Welmilla
B.Com (Special) Degree (SJP) M.Com Degree from the University of Kelaniya
Senior Lecturer Grade - I

Dr. (Mrs.) Prasadini N. Gamage

BSc.(Bu.Ad.) (Sri.J'.), Attorney at Law, MSc.(Mgt)(Sri'J), PhD (MSU- Malaysia)
Senior Lecturer Grade - I

Dr. A.Chamaru De Alwis

PhD (TBU - CZ), MSc (Mgt.) Sri J. B.Sc. (Business Administration) Special (Hones) Sri J, LICA

Senior Lecturer Grade I

Mr. M.D.P.Pieris
B.Sc.(C'bo),PGD in Comp. Technology (ICT C'bo),Mphil in Computer Science (Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Mrs. M.P.N.Janadari
B.B.Mgt.(HRM) (Kelaniya), MSc.(Mgt)(Sri'J)
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Mrs. W.A.S.Weerakkody
M.Sc in Mgt(Sjp),B.B.Mgt.(HRM)Special Degree(Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Dr. D.U.Mohan
PhD (HRD) - UPM (Mal'sia), MBA (PIM), B.Mgt.(HRM) (Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Coordinator - MHRM

Mrs. A.N.Edireweera (on study leave)
M.Sc in Mgt(Sjp),  B.B.Mgt.(HRM)Special Degree(Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer - Grade II

Mrs.  G.V.Hewagama (on study leave)
B.Sc. (HRM)(Special) (Sri.J'pura), MSc.(Mgt) (Sri'J) CIMA Finalist
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Mrs. W.M.S.K. Wanigasekera
B.Com(Special) (Pera), HNDM
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Mrs. Y.M.S.W.V.Sangarandeniya

M.Sc Mgt (Sjp), B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Kelaniya), MAAT, HNDA, HNDE, CASL (F-I)
Senior Lecturer - Grade II

Mrs. R.A.I. Chathurani (On study leave)
B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Kelaniya), ACPM, CMA(PII), Dip (Psychology), M.Sc (Mgt) (Sjp)


Ms. P. Wijewantha
B.Sc (HRM) (Special) (USJP), ACCA Part qualified, PQHRM (IPMSL) - Reading,


Mrs. J.A.C.B.Jayasinghe
B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya), Diploma In Counseling, Associate member of SLNIP, MBA (UOC) - Reading
Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. H.M.Nishanthi

B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya), CIMA Part qualified, MBA (PIM-Sjp) - Reading

Lecturer (Probationary)

G H B Arjun De Silva

B.Sc (Bu.Ad.-IS) (Special) (USJ), MAAT, CBA, MBA (PIM-Sjp) - Reading

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. H.S.M.V. Silva
MBA (UOC) - Reading, B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mr. T. D. Weerasinghe

MBA (PIM) – Reading, B.Sc (HRM) (Special) (USJ)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. T.J.R. Thisera

MBA (Colombo) - Reading, B.Sc (HRM) (Special) (USJ)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. R.K.N.D.Darshani

B.Sc.Business Management (Special) Degree (SUSL)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Ms. S.M.D.Y. Jayarathna

B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Ms. Dinithi Padmasiri

B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya), Dip. In Counseling, High Dip. in Psychotherapy

Lecturer (Probationary)

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