Dr. K.A.S.Dammika
PhD (Management), B.B.Mgt.(HR) (Kelaniya), PGD in Bus. Statistic (Sri J.), PG Cert. in HRM (PIM), M.Com.(Kelaniya), MIM(SL)
Senior Lecturer Grade I

Head of the Department

Professor (Mrs). D. R. Dissanayake
B.Sc.(Pub.Ad.Vidyod.), M.Com.(Colombo)
Professor, Department of HRM

Mr. M.P.A.D.Wijesekera
BA (Econ.Special) (vidyal), MBA (SJP), Dip in Personnel  Management  (NIBM), Attorney –at-Law, Commissioner for oath.
Senior Lecturer Grade I

Mrs. I.Welmilla
B.Com (Special) Degree (SJP) M.Com Degree from the University of Kelaniya
Senior Lecturer Grade - I

Mrs. Prasadini N. Gamage

BSc.(Bu.Ad.) (Sri.J'.), Attorney at Law, MSc.(Mgt)(Sri'J), PhD (MSU- Malaysia) Candidate.
Director (Act)- Center for Distance and Continuing Education

Mr. M.D.P.Pieris (on study leave)
B.Sc.(C'bo),PGD in Comp. Technology (ICT C'bo),Mphil in Computer Science (Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Mrs. M.P.N.Janadari
B.B.Mgt.(HRM) (Kelaniya), MSc.(Mgt)(Sri'J)
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Dr. A.Chamaru De Alwis

PhD (TBU - CZ), MSc (Mgt.) Sri J. B.Sc. (Business Administration) Special (Hones) Sri J, LICA

Senior Lecturer

Coordinator - MBA Program

Mrs. W.A.S.Weerakkody
M.Sc in Mgt(Sjp),B.B.Mgt.(HRM)Special Degree(Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Dr. D.U.Mohan
PhD (HRD) - UPM (Mal'sia), MBA (PIM), B.Mgt.(HRM) (Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Coordinator - MHRM

Mrs. A.N.Edireweera
M.Sc in Mgt(Sjp),  B.B.Mgt.(HRM)Special Degree(Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer - Grade II

Mrs.  G.V.Hewagama
B.Sc. (HRM)(Special) (Sri.J'pura), MSc.(Mgt) (Sri'J) CIMA Finalist
Senior Lecturer Grade II

Mrs. W.M.S.K. Wanigasekera
B.Com(Special) (Pera), HNDM
Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. Y.M.S.W.V.Sangarandeniya

M.Sc Mgt (Sjp), B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Kelaniya), MAAT, HNDA, HNDE, CASL (F-I)

Mrs. R.A.I. Chathurani
B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Kelaniya), ACPM, CMA(PII), Dip (Psychology), M.Sc (Mgt) (Sjp)


Mrs. J.A.C.B.Jayasinghe
B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya), Diploma In Counseling, Associate member of SLNIP, MBA (UOC) - Reading
Lecturer (Probationary)

Ms. P. Wijewantha
B.Sc (HRM) (Special) (USJP), ACCA Part qualified, PQHRM (IPMSL) - Reading,
MBA (UOC) - Reading

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. H.M.Nishanthi

B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya), CIMA Part qualified, MBA (PIM-Sjp) - Reading

Lecturer (Probationary)

G H B Arjun De Silva

B.Sc (Bu.Ad.-IS) (Special) (USJ), MAAT, CBA, MBA (PIM-Sjp) - Reading

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. H.S.M.V. Silva
B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mr. T. D. Weerasinghe

MBA (PIM) – Reading, B.Sc (HRM) (Special) (USJ)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. T.J.R. Thisera

MBA (Colombo) - Reading, B.Sc (HRM) (Special) (USJ)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. R.K.N.D.Darshani

B.Sc.Business Management (Special) Degree (SUSL)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Ms. S.M.D.Y. Jayarathna

B.B.Mgt.(HRM)(Special) (Kelaniya)

Lecturer (Temporary)