About Us

The Department of Sinhala is one of the largest department in the Faculty of Humanities in University of Kelaniya. Nearly 500 students enroll for the courses conducted by this department annually. At present Sinhala Department of the Kelaniya University is a full fledged department with a highly qualified staff. Two Senior Professors, six Full Professors, one Senior Lecturer with Ph. D. Degree, five Senior Lecturers and the four Probationary Lectures are among them and some of them are competent in English, French, Russian, Japanese, Hindi and Urdu and other oriental languages such as Pali & Sanskrit.

The candidate who has acquired high marks in Sinhala Special Degree will be awarded a Gold Medal by the Professor D. J. Wijerathna Memorial Foundation.

Department of Sinhala, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka,Tel +94-11-2914493, Fax: +94-11-2911485; +94-11-2911913