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341 The Chinese Madhyama Agama and the Pali Majjhima Nikaya Bhiksu Thich Minh Chau
342 The Chinese Version of Dharmapada Bhikkhu Kuala Lumpur Dhammajoti
343 The Debate of King Milinda Bhikkhu Pesala
344 The Dhamma Theory: philosophical cornerstone of the abhidhamma Y. Karunadasa
345 The Dhammasangani I PTS
346 The Dhammasangani II PTS
347 The Dhammasangani: enumeration of the ultimate realities Vol. I & II U Kyaw Khine
348 The Doctrine of the Upanisads and the Early Buddhism Shridhar B. Shrotri
349 The Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy Junjiro Takakusu
350 The Ethico-Psychological Basis of the Concept of Gods in Early Buddhist Literature Ven. Dr. Hindagala Gnanadhara Thera
351 The Footprint of the Buddha E.F.C. Ludowyke
352 The Gandhari Dharmapada John Brough
353 The Golden Book of Buddhism: humanity’s oldest religion of peace Lotus Press
354 The Gospel of Buddha Paul Carus
355 The Higher Pali Course for Advanced Students Prof. A.P. Buddhadatta
356 The History of Irrigation and Agricultural Colonization in Ceylon: the Tamankaduwa District and the Elahera-Minneriya Canal R.L. Brohier
357 The Homeless Mind: modernization and consciousness Peter L. Berger, Brigitte Berger, Hansfried Kellner
358 The Large Sutra on Prefect Wisdom Edward Conze
359 The Life of the Buddha (according to Pali Canon) Bhikkhu Nanamoli
360 The Literature of the Personalists of Early Buddhism Bhiksu Thich Thien Chau


Pali Language


The following fields can be studied under the subject Pali.


Buddhist Philosophy

Under title Buddhist philosophy the under mentioned topics,


Buddhist Culture


The following headings are covered in Buddhist culture.