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21 Bodhisattva and Sunyata (in the early and developed Buddhist traditions) Bhikkhuni Gioi Huong
22 Book of Discipline I PTS
23 Book of Discipline II PTS
24 Book of Discipline III PTS
25 Book of Discipline IV PTS
26 Book of Discipline V PTS
27 Book of Discipline VI PTS
28 Buddha in Theravada Buddhism Toshiichi Endo
29 Buddha's Teachings (being the suttanipata or discourse-collection) Lord Chalmers
30 Buddhism Pushpesh Pant
31 Buddhism and Christianity: interactions between east and west Ulrich Everding
32 Buddhism and Confucianism Dr. Gallelle Sumanasiri
33 Buddhism and Human Rights L.P.N. Perera
34 Buddhism and Symbol Worship Dr. B. C. Sinha, Dr. Rakesh Sharma
35 Buddhism as Presented by the Brahmanical Systems Chitrarekha V. Kher
36 Buddhism Dance and Drama Prof. V. Subramaniam
37 Buddhism for Human Life Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda
38 Buddhism for the Inquiring Mind L. Jayasooriya
39 Buddhism in Daily Life Nina Van Gorkom
40 Buddhism in Medieval Sri Lanka H.B.M. Ilangasinha


Pali Language


The following fields can be studied under the subject Pali.


Buddhist Philosophy

Under title Buddhist philosophy the under mentioned topics,


Buddhist Culture


The following headings are covered in Buddhist culture.