Bachelor of Arts Degree Course (Special) in Sinhala

Level One
SINH 21512-SINH 23524
Modern Sinhala Literary Background I,II
SINH 21532-SINH 23544
Modern Sinhala Prose I,II
SINH 21552-SINH 23564
Modern Sinhala Verse I,II
SINH 21572-SINH 23584
Performing and Recording Arts I,II
SINH 21592-SINH 23604
Art and Architecture* I,II
SINH 21612-SINH 23624
Sinhala Culture* I,II
SINH 21632-SINH 23644    

Studies on Folklore and Folk life* I,II
*E=Elective - Anyone to be selected
Level Two
SINH 31612-SINH 33624
Classical Sinhala Prose I,II
SINH 31632-SINH 33644
Classical Sinhala Verse I,II
SINH 31652-SINH 33664
Sociology of literature I,II
SINH 31672-SINH 33684
Metrics, Rhetoric and Oriental and Occidental Criticism I,II
SINH 31692-SINH 33704
Classical Sinhala Grammar I,II
Level Three
SINH 41512- SINH 43524
Awareness of language I,II
SINH 41532-SINH 43544
Sinhala Exegetical Literature I,II
SINH 41552-SINH 43564
Sinhala Paleography and Inscriptions I, II
SINH 43574
Language Proficiency
SINH 43588
*A Dissertation on a selected topic approved by the Department of Sinhala