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B.A. (General) Degree – Internal
B.A. (General) Degree – External
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B.A. (General) Degree  – External


Level I WCCU 1E015: Greek and Roman Epic
WCCU 1E025: Greek and Roman Arts and Antiquities
Level II WCCU 1E025: Greek and Roman Drama
WCCU 1E015: Greek Philosophy
Level III WCCU 3E015: Greek and Roman Literature
WCCU 3E025: Greek and Roman Literary Theory

WCCU 1E015 - Greek and Roman Epic

The main objective of this course will be to provide the students the historical, social and literary background of the epics and the society reflected in them in them. The study of the civilisations will provide the background to this course.

WCCU 1E025 - Greek and Roman Art and Antiquities

The student should obtain a knowledge of the Arts and Antiquities of the Greek and the Romans. The students should also be able to relate them to the historical, political and social experiences of each age.

WCCU 2E015 - Greek and Roman Drama

This course seeks to provide the students with a knowledge of the Greek and Roman theatre and its conventions, types of drama performed there, the dramatists of Athens and the religious, political and social background to which these dramas belong.

WCCU 2E025 - Greek Philosophy

The purpose of this course is to give the students knowledge of Greek philosophy from Thales to Aristotle and his contemporaries.

WCCU 3E015 - Greek and Roman Literature

The purpose of this course is to provided the students with a knowledge of the variety of literary genres in Greek and Roman literature other than the epic and drama they are most familiar with.

WCCU 3E025 - Greek and Roman Literary Theory

The course will provide a knowledge of the different theories of literature presented by the Greeks and the Romans.