Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute

In 1928, Ayurveda Cakrawarti Pandit G.P. Wickramarachchi commenced Gampaha Sidayurveda Vidyalaya as a centre for teaching Sidhayurveda tradition of medicine which is unique to Sri Lanka. It was established in his personal land at Yakkala, with the prime objective of providing knowledge and competence in herbal drug preparations and Cikithsa to traditional physicians. Drug manufacturing unit, hospital and a herbal garden with rare collection of plants were the valuable resources available to the institute.

By recognizing the emerging trends in Ayurveda medicine and its tremendous contribution to national health sector, the Vidyalaya was declared as a state recognized institute in 1951, making its diploma holders eligible for recruiting and obtaining opportunities in state sector Ayurveda hospitals. In 1982 Vidyalaya was incorporated as "Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Vidyalaya" under the ministry of Indigenous Medicine by the parliamentary act No 30: 1982. In the year 1995, it was uplifted to the status of a University Institute. Today, it is one of the main centers for human resource development and research in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Institute consists of five Departments of Study: Basic Principales, Prasuthi tantra & Kaumarabhrutya, Shalya Shalakya, Dravyaguna and Chikithsa.Director is the overall administrator of the institute and Chairman of the Board of the Management is the main governing body assisted by the Assistant Registrar, Senior Asst. Librarian (SAL) and Assistant Bursar. The institute handles administration through decentralization policy, where the H.O.D's (Head of Department) decide and manage the educational process and organize students’ academic activities, field visits, outside trainings and final year specialization projects.

The undergraduate degree program offered by the Institute is the BAMS course of 6 year duration including one year internship, where all 5 departments have an equal share of responsibilities to conduct the academic program. The institute strives to contribute to national development through propagation of new knowledge and multiple skills, producing capable, efficient and marketable graduates.


Our vission is to "become the center of excellence in education, research and outreach in Ayurvedic Medicine and allied sciences".


Mission of the Gampaha Wickramarachci Ayurveda Institute is to " produce young men and women who possess knowledge and skills in Ayurvedic Medicine and allied sciences and enthusiasm, initiative and wisdom to engage in health care provision to the society nationally and globally and to engage in basic and applied research and dissemination of research information with dual objectives of advancing core knowledge in Ayurvedic sciences and serving research and development needs of the society.