01. Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Administration of Ayurveda Institutions

Course Coordinator

Dr. W.M.B. Weerasooriya (Senior Lecturer Grade II)

02Postgraduate Diploma in Kāyacikitsā

Course Coordinator

Dr.W.A.L.Chandrasiri Waliwita(Senior Lecturer Grade II)

03. Postgraduate Diploma in Pañcakarma

Course Coordinator

Dr.K.G.C.Dissanayake (Senior Lecturer Grade II)

04. Postgraduate Diploma in shalya

Course Coordinator

Dr. A.A.J. Pushpakumara (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.A.M.S.(Hons.) (C'bo), MS (Ay.) (BHU – India) PGDHD – Faculty of Medicine,( C'bo)

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Exam Time Table-Postgraduate Diploma and master of Science in Panchakarma and Kayacikitsa 2015/2016

The INAUGURAL CEREMONY of the 17th Batch of Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery was held on 26th May 2016 at Main Auditorium of GWAI.

BAMS degree programme - Academic year 2014/2015 Semester I of Level I, Level II ,Level III, Level IV and Level V batches - will be started on 20thJune 2016

4th batch of Diploma in Yoga & Relaxation Techniques and 16thbatch of Certificate in Yoga & Relaxation Techniques - Started.




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