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Dr. (Mrs) D.S.M. De Silva

Senior Lecturer I
M.Ichem., AEPRF

  Office: B2 101  
  Phone: +94112903268
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Research and Teaching Interests

Fabrication of Electrodeposited thin film solar cells

Use of natural fibers which are locally available in abundance to produce composite materials

Selenium content in agricultural crops and diets of the Sri Lankan population

Selected Publications

Dilution wave and negative-order crystallization kinetics of chain molecules. G. Ungar, P.K. Mandal, P.G. Higgs, D.S.M. de Silva, E. Boda and C.M. Chen, Physical Review Letters 85, 4397-4400, 2000.
The work was featured in Physical Review Focus; and in Scientific American

Chain tilt and surface disorder in lamellar crystals. A FTIR and SAXS study of labeled long lakanes, D. Sujeewa M. de Silva, Xiang-bing Zeng, Goran Ungar and Stephen J. Spells, Macromolecules 35, 7730-7741, 2002.

FTIR studies of molecular disorder in long chain n-alkanes: Chain tilt and chain end disorder, D.S.M. de Silva, J-P. Gorce, P.A.S.R. Wickremarachchi and S.J. Spells, Macromolecular Symposia 184, 67-78, 2002.

Perpendicular and tilted chains in lamellar crystals, de Silva D.S.M, Zeng X.B., Ungar G. and Spells S.J., Journal of Macromolecular Science-Physics B 42, 915-927, 2003.

Events at the growth face as revealed by concentration dependence of crystallization rate of long alkanes, Ungar G., Putra E.G.R., De Silva D.S.M., Abstract of Papers of The American Chemical Society 228, U499, 2004.

The effects of self-poisoning on crystal morphology and growth rates, G. Ungar, E.G.R. Putra, D.S.M. de Silva, M.A. Shcherbina, Advances in Polymer Science 180: 45-87, 2005

Effect of pretreatments on extending the shelf life of minimal processed elabatu (Solanum surrantensis), Dharmabandu, P.T.S., De Silva, D.S.M., Wimalasena, S., Wijesinghe,W.A.J.P. and Sarananda, S. Tropical AgriculturalResearch and Extension, 10: 61-66, 2007.

Study of disorder in different phases of tetratriacontane and binary alkane mixture, using vibrational spectroscopy, Surnaga R. Wickremarachchi, P.a., Spells S.J., De Silva D.S.M., Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 111(7), 1604-1609, 2007

S. Liyanage, S de Silva and S. Wimalasena, Effects of pretreatments on extending the self life of minimally processed Rhisomes of Lasia spinosa, Chemistry in Sri Lanka, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 25(2), 24, 2008

P.H.S. Roshini, J.T.S. Mortha and D.S.M. de Silva, Manufacture, properties and use of activated carbon from Cashew nut shells in waste water treatment, Chemistry in Sri Lanka, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 26(2), 15-16, 2009, ISSN 1012-8999

D.S.M. De Silva, Paul Memmott, Nick Flutter and Darren Martin, Characterization of Spinifex (Triodia pungens) Resin and Fibres, 11th Pacific Polymer Conference, Cairns, Australia, 6-10th December 2009

A.M.B. Chandima, KAS Pathiratne, I.M. Darmadasa, R.P. Wijesundera and D.S.M. De Silva, Electochemical deposition of CuInTe2 layers for applications in thin film solar cells, Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science Proceedings 66,  108, 2010

A.M.B. Chandima, KAS Pathiratne, I.M. Darmadasa and D.S.M. De Silva, Growth of CdS layers for fabrication of electrodeposited CdS/CdTe  thin film solar cells, Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science Proceedings 66,  109, 2010


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