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Professor (Mrs) J.A.Liyanage


B.Sc.(Sri Jayewardanapura)
C.C.Chem., C. Sci., , F.I.Chem.C., FRSC

  Office: B1 335  
  Phone:+941129(03253 ,14486), +94714264812

Research and Teaching Interests

Environmental, analytical and speciation Chemistry

Selected Publications

Liyanage, J. A., Rodrigo, I. and Wijeratne, M 'Wound tissueconcentration of essential elements & healing of leg ulcers in Sri Lankan patients; is there a link?'Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability, 2008,20(3), 131

Liyanage, J. A., Watawala, R. C., Mallawatantri, A. P.,Kookana, R. S. and Smith, L. 'Degradation of 14C ring labelled Pesticides in Selected Soils of Sri Lanka', Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 2007, 272(3), 477.

Liyanage, J. A, Watawala, R. C., Aravinna, A. G. P., Smith, L. and. Kookana, R. S., 'Sorption of Carbofuran and Diuron Pesticidesin Forty-Three Tropical Soils of Sri Lanka', Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2006, 54,1784.

Liyanage, J. A., Rodrigo, I. and Wijeratne, M 'Influence of Nutritional Factors for the Variation of Essential Metal Concentrations on Wound Healing' Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability, 2006, 18(2), 57

Liyanage, J. A., Weerasooriya,W. M. B. and Pandya, S.S.,'Quantitative parameters of different brands of Asava and Arishta used in ayurvedic medicine: An assessment', Indian Journal of Pharmacology, 2006, 38(5), 365

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