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Professor K.A.S.Pathiratne

B.Sc. (Ceylon)
M.Sc. (Dalhousie)
Ph.D.(North Dakota)

  Office: B1 110/2  
  Phone: +94112903256

Research and Teaching Interests

Development of analytical methodologies for speciation of environmental pollutants using electro-analytical techniques and spectroanalytical techniques. Modern votammetric techniques based on diffusion control mass transfer (e.g. linear sweep, differential and normal pulse, square wave voltammetry) and convection controlled mass transfer (e.g. rotating disk electrode voltammetry) are used for speciation of analytes at sub parts per billion level concentrations.

Analysis of errors associated with calibration of analytical instruments and investigation on extending dynamic range of calibration curves.

Mechanistic investigation of electro-deposition process associated with fabrication of semiconductor materials used for manufacture of solar cells. Use of the knowledge for fabrication of semiconductor materials based on CuInTe and CdTe/CdS systems.

Selected Publications

Piyankarage S.C., Mallawatantri, Matsuno Y.& Pathiratne K.A.S.,(2002) Impacts of agricultural return flows on two costal lagoons of southern Sri Lanka.”Ambio” A journal of the Human Environment.

Jayaweera, P.M., Pathiratne K.A.S. & Godakumbura P.I. (2003), Photo-catalytic Oxidation of As (III) to As (V) in aqueous medium: A low cost pr-eoxidative treatment for total removal of arsenic from drinking water Research Communications , Current Science, Vol.84, No.4, 25.

Weerasooriya R., Tobschall, Wijesekara H.K.D.K., E.K.A.I.U.K. Arachchige, Pathiratne K.A.S.,(2003) On the mechanistic modeling of As(111) Adsorption on Gibbsite, Chemosphere, 51, 1001-1013.

Pathiratne, K.A.S., De Silva, O.C.P , Heheman David and Atkinson Ian Occurrence and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Bolgoda and Beira Lakes, Sri Lanka .

Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Published on line on 24 May 2007

Jayasingha B.S., Jayawardene M.I.F.P., Pathiratne K.A.S., (2005). Comparison of chromium levels of water spinach samples with those of field water samples. 9th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Athens, Greece, p. 363-368.

Pathiratne, K.A.S., De Silva, O.C.P , Heheman Davia and Atkinson Ian Occurrence and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Bolgoda and Beira Lakes, Sri Lanka. Resubmitted after revision, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry ( 2006)

Pathiretne, K. A. S., S.S. Skandaraja and E.M.C.M. (2008) Jayasena, Linear sweep Voltammeteic Determination of free chlorine in waters using graphite working electrodes, Journa; of National Science Foundation Sri Lanka, 36(1), 25-31.

Pathiratne A, Chandrasekera L. W. H.U, and K. A. S. Pathiratne (2008) Use of biomarkers in Nile tilapia to assess the impacts of pollution in Bolgoda Lake, an urban waterbody in Sri Lanka. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. (DOI : 10.1007/s10661-008-0490-4).

Chandrasekera L. W. H.U, A. Pathiratne and K. A. S. Pathiratne (2008) Effects of waterborne cadmium on biomarker enzymes and metalothioneins in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. Journal of National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka 36(4):315-322.

Indrajith H. A. P., K. A. S. Pathiratne and A. Pathiratne (2008) Heavy metal levels in two food fish species from Negombo estuary, Sri Lanka: Relationships with the body size. Sri Lanka Journal of Aquatic Sciences 13: 63-81

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