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Dr. (Ms.) N. Jayathilaka

Senior Lecturer II
B. Sc. (Univ. Wisconsin-Superior)

Ph.D. (Univ. Southern California)

  Office: Adjacent to B1 337  
  Phone: +94112903260

Research and Teaching Interests

Molecular basis of mechanisms of eukaryotic gene regulation, transcriptional regulation, and epigenetic control of chromosome structure.

Selected Publications

Jayathilaka N, Han A, Gaffney KJ, Dey R, Jarusiewicz JA, Noridomi K, Philips MA, Lei X, He J, Ye J, Gao T, PetasisNA, Chen L,Inhibition of the function of class IIaHDACs by blocking their interaction with MEF2, Nucleic Acids Res.,40(12)(2012) 5378-88.

Kalhor R, Tjong H,Jayathilaka N, Alber F, Chen L,Genome architechtures revealed by tethered chromosome conformation capture and population-based modeling, Nature Biotechnol.,30(1)(2011) 90-8.

Wu Y, Dey R, Han A, Jayathilaka N, Philips M, Ye J, Chen L,Structure of the MADS-box/MEF2 domain of MEF2A bound to DNA and its implication for myocardin recruitment,J Mol Biol.,397(2)(2010) 520-33.

Li Z, Luo RT, Mi S, Sun M, Chen P, Bao J, Neilly MB, Jayathilaka N, Johnson DS, Wang L, Lavau C, Zhang Y, Tseng C, Zhang X, Wang J, Yu J, Yang H, Wang SM, Rowley JD, Chen J, Thirman MJ,Consistent deregulation of gene expression between human and murine MLL rearrangement leukemia’s,Cancer Res.,69(3) (2009)1109-16.

Gerr HD, Nassin ML, Davis EM, Jayathilaka N, Neilly ME, Schlegelberger B, Zhang Y, Rowley JD,Cytogenetic and molecular study of the PRDX4 gene in a t(X;18)(p22;q23): a cautionary tale, Cancer Genet Cytogenet.,176(2) (2007) 131-6.

Lee S, Chen J, Zhou G, Shi RZ, Bouffard GG, Kocherginsky M, Ge X, Sun M, Jayathilaka N, Kim YC, Emmanuel N, Bohlander SK, Minden M, Kline J, Ozer O, Larson RA, LeBeau MM, Green ED, Trent J, Karrison T, Liu PP, Wang SM, Rowley JD,Gene expression profiles in acute myeloid leukemia with common translocations using SAGE,Proc NatlAcadSci U S A,103(4)(2006) 1030-5.

Lee S, Johnson D, Dunbar K, Dong H, Ge X, Kim YC, Wing C, Jayathilaka N, Emmanuel N, Zhou CQ, Gerber HL, Tseng CC, Wang SM.2.45GHz radiofrequency fields alter gene expression in cultured human cells,FEBS Lett.,579(21) (2005)4829-36.

Zhang Y, Zeleznik-Le N, Emmanuel N, Jayathilaka N, Chen J, Strissel P, Strick R, Li L, Neilly MB, Taki T, Hayashi Y, Kaneko Y, Schlegelberger B, Rowley JD,Characterization of genomic breakpoints in MLL and CBP in leukemia patients with t(11;16),Genes Chromosomes Cancer,41(3) (2004) 257-65.

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