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Dr. (Ms) P.A.S.R.Wickramarachchi

Senior Lecturer II
Ph.D.(Sheffield Hallam)

  Office: Adjacent to B1 337  
  Phone: +94112903260(O), +94115650172(H)

Research and Teaching Interests

Major area of research is on radiation processing. This work is carried out in collaboration with the Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka. I am a member of the national research group on Radiation Processing (RAS/8/106). Present research is based on radiation processing of natural polymers. At present research work on radiation processing of chitin/chitosan is underway. Research work is being carried out to determine the potential of using irradiated chitosan as a natural antifungal agent against postharvest pathogens in banana. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop an antimicrobial food packaging film using irradiated chitosan.

Selected Publications

Wickramarachchi PASR, Spells SJ, Silva DSM, Study of disorder in different phases of tetretriacontane and a binary alkane mixture, using vibrational spectroscopy, Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2007), 111, 1604-1609.

D.S.M. de Silva, J.-P. Gorce, P.A.S.R. Wickramarachchi, S.J. Spells, FTIR studies of molecular disorder in long chain n-alkanes: chain tilt and chain end disorder, Macromolecular symposia (2002), 184 (1), 67-77

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