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Professor (Mrs.) S.S.Wimalasena

MSc .(Western Australia)

  Office: Adjacent to B1 337  
  Phone: +94112903252

Research and Teaching Interests

Nutrient Analysis, natural product chemistry

Selected Publications

P.A.Paranagama, S. Wimalsena, G.S. Jayatilake, A.L.Jayawardena, U.M. Senanayake and A. M. Mubarak (2001). “ A comparison of essential oil constituents of bark, leaf,root and fruit of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blum. ) grown in Sri Lanka.” Journal of National Science Council, Sri Lanka, 29 (3&4), 147-153.

J. A. G. Jayasinghe, A. M. Mubarak, S. Wimalasena and R. C. Wijesundara (1996).
“Fatty acid composition of some Sri Lankan fish and prawns with special reference to
omega-3-fatty acids.’’ Asian Food Journal 11(1) ,35-42.

S. Wimalasena and M.N.S. Jayasuriya (1996) “Nutrient analysis of some fresh water
fish”. Journal of National Science Council, Sri Lanka. 24(1), 21-26

S. Wimalasena and E. Karunawansha (1994) “Characterization of a new aryl alkanone and other related compounds present in Horsfieldia irya seeds”. Journal of National Science Council, Sri Lanka. 22(3), 301- 304.

N.F. Cooray, E.R. Janz, J. Ranatunge and S. Wimalasena(1988) “Effects of maturity on chemical constituents of turmeric( Curcuma longa L.)”. Journal of National Science Council,16,39-51.

N.F. Cooray, E.R. Jansz, S. Wimalasena, T.P.Wijesekera and B. Nair (1987) “Aryl
resorcinols from seed ernels of Myristica dactyloides”. Phytochemistry, 26(12), 3369-

S. Wimalasena and P.A.S.L. Pittigalrachchi (2001), “Nutrient analysis of some fresh
water fish”, Chemistry in Sri Lanka, 18,27.

S.Wimalasena , I.T.C.L.Gunasinghe (2000) “Fatty acid composition of some fresh water
Fish from Sri Lanka”, Chemistry in Sri Lanka, 17,44.

S. Wimalasena, J.A.G. Jayasinghe and M.W. G. Devika (2002), “Preliminary studies on
Cholesterol content in fresh water fish in Sri Lanka”,Chemistry in Sri Lanka, 20 (2), 10.

S. Wimalasena and M.W.G. Devika (2003), “Cadmium and lead content in fresh water
Fish from Sri Lanka”, Proceedings of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of


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