About us

The English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) represents the practical, task oriented aspect of Teaching English as a second Language (TESL) in the University of Kelaniya.  It is a part of the Faculty of Humanities, but provides service courses to all the Faculties of the University of Kelaniya.  Its strength lies in its ability to liaise with students and staff from all disciplines and provide English for Specific Purposes (ESP) or English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses as needed. The very nature of the ELTU courses symbolizes the multidisciplinary role it plays, as in teaching Business Communication, English for Social Sciences, and the Certificate Course in English, among others.

The ELTU is located adjacent to the tennis courts and the Faculty of Social Sciences, and enjoys the luxury of being housed in its own building. It has an auditorium and computer laboratories which are shared by other departments such as the Department of English.

The ELTU offers a new degree subject in TESL. The degree in TESL focuses on creating English teachers for Sri Lanka, and is different from the degree in English offered by the Department of English. While the students of the Department of English read literature and linguistics courses at the University, the students reading for a degree in TESL will focus on applied Linguistics, teaching methodology and language policy.

The mission of the ELTU is to make English available to all; and in keeping with this, it has applied for departmental status and hopes to be the English Language Teaching Department (ELTD) of the University of Kelaniya in the near future.


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