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Volume 1

Chemical speciation of Nickel – Glycinate complexation
J A Liyanage

Roost selection of the short nosed fruit bat Cynopterns spp in sri Lanka
W Yapa and W D Ranasooriya

Arginine decarboxylase from the pathogenic fungi, Colleotriclus gleoporides : Purification and properties
M K B Weerasooriya

Statistical analysis of the monthly mean maximum air temperature in Colombo
T K Hewapathirana

An evaluation of the performance of undergraduate students in the University examinations in relation to selection criteria: A case study in Statistics at the University of Kelaniya
T K Hewapathirana

Success factors in information technology in small and medium scale industries – Sri Lanka experience
L Munasinghe and D P W Jayawardene

Harnessing information technology for national development: A policy frame work Sri Lanka
L Munasinghe and D P W Jayawardene

Role of information technology trends in planning in IT led development Strategy in Sri Lanka
L Munasinghe and D P W Jayawardene

Let science and intuition work together
S Degamboda