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Volume 2

Growth characteristics of two selected Eucalyptus clones in  relation to physiological responses
P. Manoharan and N. W. Pammenter

Haematological parameters of three species of wild caught  Microchiropteran bats, Miniopterus schreibersii, Taphozous melanopogon and Hipposideros lankadiva
W.D. Ratnasooriya, P. V. Udagama – Randeniya, W. B. Yapa,P. M. C. B. Digana and M. G. Dharmasiri

Inflight and outflight activity patterns of five species of cave dwelling bats in Sri Lanka
W. B. Yapa, W. D. Ratnasooriya, H. H. Costa and R. Riibsamen

Effect of method of extraction on the quality of coconut oil
Kapila N. Seneviratne and D. M. S. Dissanayake

Oxygen partial pressure dependence of the coercivity of sputtered  Polycrystalline nickel ferrite films
P. Samarasekara

Comparison between ultrasonic acoustic emission (UAE) and  hydraulically measured loss of hydroulic conductance in Eucalyptus spp. clone GU210
P. Manoharan and N. W. Pammenter

Serum levels of some biochemical constituents of captive  Sri Lankan elephants (Elephas maximus maximus)
G. K. H. De Alwis, R. D. Wijesekara, D. Vithana,N. Neththasinghe and W. D.Ratnasooriya

Examination performance of undergraduates in relation  to attendance at lectures
T. K. Hewapathiranana