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Annual Research Symposium 2009


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  Developing oral skills of students learning French as a foreign language
  Chandeera Padmaprabha Gunawardena

  Disempowerment through friendly advice: A perspective on how women’s magazines address issues of violence and ill treatment against women
   Nipuni Ranaweera

  English language teaching materials for adult courses: ESP approach or ESL approach?
   H.D.B.N. Indrarathne

  Acquisition of the English article system by Sri Lankan second language learners of English
  E.A. Kumarasiri

  Compilation and linguistic analysis of a dedicated corpus for the Applied Sciences
   M.D.S.S. Kumara

  Translation of humour for Screen
   Amali Boralugoda

  Re-reading Eva Ranaweera’s Novels- In the light of Subaltern Studies
  S.B. Anuruddhika Kumari Kularathna

  Relationship between formal grammar instruction and development of second language competence: a preliminary study
   Dissanayake S.A.R.R.P.

  A Critical Study of the identification of the place in Sri Lanka where the Tripitaka was committed to writing
  G.R. Gunawardhana Banda

  A case study of how Sinhala influences first year undergraduates learning English

  Contribution of the School in improving Oral Communication Skills of Advanced Level Students
   R.A.D.H. Ranaweera