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Annual Research Symposium 2011

Diversity Equity Sustainability Transformability Poster Presentation

Discovery of an iron smelting site in Waakare, Batticaloa district in Sri Lanka
Algiriya, P.,A. S. Dandeniya, A.M.D.  Alahakoon, W.S. Weliange

Swine Flu research: A scientometric study of global perspectives
Balasubramani, R, J. A. A. S. Jayaweera,  A. S. Siriwardna,  W. W. Kumbukgolla, & A. B. P.  Bandara

Transformation of societies and W.W. Rostow’s stages of growth: Options for Nigeria
Biu, Iliyasu

Extraction and analysis of ancient DNA from human skeletal remains from Sri Lanka
Chandimal, K.M., Ruwan J. Illeperuma, S.G. Yasawardene

The distribution of ABO and Rhesus (Rh) blood groups in purana inhabitants of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Chandimal, K.M., S.G. Yasawardene, G. Adikari

The dental analysis of prehistoric skeletal remains of Pothana,Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Chandimal, K.M.,   S.G. Yasawardene,  G. Adikari

Psychometric properties of the cognitive and motor scales of the Bayley Scales of infant development among Sri Lankan children
Godamunne,P. K.S., P.L.C.K. Liyanage, N. Wimaladharmasooriya, A.Pathmeswaran, A.R.Wickramesinghe, C. Patterson & N. Sathiakumar

Morphology of the Thyroid Gland and its common variations
Hasan, Rizvi,  Randil Pramod de Alwis, Susantha Herath, Chameera Senadipathy, Thushari Mahawaththa, Aranjan Karunanayake, K.A. Salvin, Prasadth Fernando, Lanka Ranaweera, Erasha Fernado, Isurani Ilayperuma & Sujatha Salgado

Simple proof of two important theorems in number theory
Jayani, Manike, K.R.C. & R.A.D.Piyadasa

Clinically benign breast lumps - how often are they malignant?
Jayatunge, D. N.U., M.D.P. Pinto  & M.H.J. Ariyaratne

The inverse square potential and relativistic bound states
 Karunarathne, Sanjeewa & R.A.D.Piyadasa

Environmental protection in the 21st century: A re-orientatin for global sustainability
Malam, Bashir

Anatomical dimensions of the portal vein: A cadaver study
Pinsara G.H.M., K.N. Palahepitiya,  B.G. Nanayakkara, I.  Ilayperuma R. Hasan

Uniqueness of roots of a cubic and proof of Fermat’s last theorem for n=3
Shadini, A.M.D.M., R.A.D.Piyadasa & B.B.U.P.Perera

Solution of a special Diophantine equation using elementary mathematics
Piyadasa, R.A.D.

Facial expression for stage reality: A study based on novices
Rathitharan, K., Drama and Theatre Arts


Visualization of dihedral groups and their subgroups
Silva, H.I.R.U, K.K.W.A.S. Kumara,  R. Sanjeewa

Water splitting by electrodeposited cuprous oxide photoelectrodes with a flower-like morphology
Siripala, W.P. & J.I.Ranasinghe

Immunohistochemical localization of α1 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in lymphoid tissues of humans
Thayabaran, M., S.G.Yasawardene

Morphometrical analysis of the human palatine sutures
Udayanga, L.B.M., L.B.L. Prabodha, K. N. Palahepitiya , B.G. Nanayakkara, I. Ilayperuma
S. Ambikaipakan

“African drums become guitars”: Fado and Bachata and the traversal of national boundaries
Uluwitiya, Tanya

Challenges in translating humor
Wanasinghe, W.M.S.P.K.

Stability and fatty soil cleaning efficiency of rice bran lipase, incorporated with commercial soaps
Weerasooriya, M.K.B., A.A.N.Kumarasinghe &  E.M.S. N. Edirisinghe

Anatomical dimension of the Caudate lobe of the liver
Widanagama, M.A., L.B.L. Prabodha, K.N. Palahepitiya, B.G. Nanayakkara, I. Ilayperuma,R. Hasan

English Language: A viable communication tool for sustainable development
Zakayo, Malata Andrew