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The most progressive university of all!
As per the academic calendar of the University, the academic year 2014/15 was ended on February 19, 2017, and the academic activities of the year 2015/16 was begun on February 20, 2017, and is scheduled to be completed on February 11, 2018. 2,968 students were registered as new enrollment in internal undergraduate degree programs in 2017. 1,771 students were enrolled for postgraduate studies during 2017. The international recognition of the university was enhanced by the enrollment of 50 international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies to the university in 2017. Today, the University of Kelaniya has ten thousand sixty (10,060) students studying for undergraduate degree programs, where about 1.5% of students are enrolled under the foreign category. There are two thousand seven hundred nine (2,709) students for postgraduate study programs and for external undergraduate programmes total of ninety-five thousand nine hundred six (95,906) students. University produced 2,431 internal graduates and 631 external graduates and 1,229 postgraduates in 2017.
The University of Kelaniya focuses not only on the quality of graduates, but also the well- being of the staff, for an example, by offering a free insurance scheme for students and staff. She is the first- ever University in the country who ever offers up to five million rupees for doctoral studies of the staff members. Also, it has allocated a greater amount of money for aesthetic and sports activities of the University. The University has concentrated on developing the soft skills of the staff and students and ensures the employability of graduates by organizing the career guidance activities and the career fair each year.
New enrollment of foreign students has been increased compared to previous years. The University has taken several steps to build up the international image of the University and a total of twelve international MoU’s have been signed with several universities around the world with the purpose of research activities, staff and student exchange programmes. Total of six local MoU’s has signed with corporate bodies. Centre of Excellence for Strategic Brand Identity Development (CESBID) has engaged in creating a strategic brand identity for the university.
Afforcing the research culture of the university, the university has provided funding for the academic staff for research activities and for research conferences and symposia organized within the university. Also, she is the first ever university who introduced the Senate awards for staff for publishing in internationally recognized peer-reviewed, indexed and refereed journal articles. Accordingly, to enhance the engagement in research and encourage researchers, 108 senate awards have been awarded to the academic staff in 2017.

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