Bachelor of Business Management (Special) Degree in Accountancy
  • Course Duration
  • UndergraduateSkill level
  • Free
  • 19 Jan, 2019Admission Deadline

The Bachelor of Business Management Honours in Accountancy is four years degree programme which consists of eight (08) semesters. To support its mission, the DoA seeks to provide its students with unique opportunities for personal and professional growth by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and by improving their skills for analyzing, synthesizing and critical thinking. Subsequently, the DoA has revised its curriculum three times since its inception in 1999 and one of such major achievements is the introduction of employment oriented training - known as “Internship in Accounting” with credit-bearing. At present, the DoA is further optimistic about full-scale graduate employability in suitable sectors by further improving the existing curriculum. The DoA produces nearly one hundred graduates per year. All students of the DoA are being facilitated by Learning Management System (LMS) for their learning process. To be eligible for the degree a student should obtain hundred and twenty four (124) credits including ninety six (96) credits in first three years and twenty eight (28) credits in year four (4). The DoA’s undergraduate program is among the most popular accounting programs in Sri Lanka. The DoA aim is to provide students with wide exposures to the global business environment and to nurture their ability to adapt to rapidly changing business environment. Graduates from the DoA’s undergraduate program have an excellent employment record: over the years, about 97% of them find their jobs immediately on graduating or decide to pursue advanced studies. Over the years, The DoA graduates from both undergraduate and post- graduate programs have played an important leadership role in accounting profession as well as on other business sectors, including the government, banking and other financial services industries and various nonprofit and public organizations.