University Administration Services for Students

Academic Division
Academic Division takes major part of the student registration. This division carrying out the registration of new students, and student’s Administrative registration of all the faculties.
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Examination Division
Examination Division all internal Examination affairs of the University are coordinated by the Examination Division. providing rules and instructions on conducting written Examinations.
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Medical Centre
to help the students of the University to lead an active life free from diseaseAll registered students are entitled to free consultations, free basic medicinal drugs and laboratory service.
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Student Welfare Division
providing a widest service for students and making opportunities to develop the skills and attitude needed for the intellectual engagement of the University Community
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Students Life at University

Important Center for Students

ICT Center
he ICT Centre was established in 1983 as a Computer Unit of the Department of Mathematics.It is now an independent centre, being the central computing facility at the University of Kelaniya. 
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Career Guidance Unit
The objective of this unit is to prepare the students for their professional life. Making the students aware of employment opportunities available in the country and instructing them about the specific course units.
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Media Unit
As found out that there is a necessity to mold young personnel in order to achieve own success and betterment of the society. It named as LED giving the meaning of Leadership-Empowerment-Development
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Physical Education
Provide widest possible choice in the range of sports, increase level of participation and quality method of delivery to strengthen the foundation for growth to support participation and improved elite sport performance
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