About KUTA

Kelaniya University Teachers’ Association (KUTA) is a trade union which enriches the professional integrity of the members of the academic staff from the faculties of Science, Computing & Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Management, Institute of Archeology and Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies at the University of Kelaniya. The KUTA has a strong commitment to earn the recognition for the university academic staff as a special category of highly skilled professionals. KUTA is the leading body that facilitate the creation of a conducive environment for staff to engage in high end research and teaching work without interferences.  KUTA is also committed in providing unrivalled protection, benefits and support for University teachers, throughput their professional career.


විද්‍යාලංකාර සම්ප්‍රදායන් හට අනුගත වෙමින් කැළණිය විශ්වවිද්‍යාලීය ආචාර්යවරුන්ගේ වෘත්තීයභාවය ආරක්ෂා කිරීමේ හා සුබසාධනයන්හි පෙර ගමන්කරු ලෙස  ක්‍රියාත්මක වීම. 

Our Vision

To provide the leadership to secure the professional interests and the welfare of the members of the academic staff of the University of Kelaniya whilst respecting the Vidyalankara traditions.


නිදහස් හා අභිමානවත් වෘත්තීය පරිසරයක් බිහිකිරීම තුළින්විශ්වවිද්‍යාලීය හා ජාතික  සංවර්ධනයට දායකත්වය සැපයීම. 

Our Mission

By creating a conducive and a dignified professional environment to contribute towards the university and national development. 

Latest News

Comments on UGC circular of 02/2020

The executive committee members of the Kelaniya University Teachers’ Association (KUTA) had a discussion regarding the latest UGC circular of 02/2020 for the appointment of a Vice Chancellor in public Universities. We sent the following letter to FUTA mentioning our comments. For our response, we considered and used the comments received from our members.

A Donation by KUTA for Covid 19 Health and Social Security Fund

The Kelaniya University Teachers’ Association (KUTA) donated 2,518,000.00 LKR for Covid 19 Health and Social Security Fund.
The cheque relevant to this donation was handed over to HE President Gotabhaya Rajapaksha by Senior Lecturer Ven Dr. Malwane Chandaratana Thero, President- KUTA on 16 th of April, 2020 at the Presidential Secretariat. Senior Lecturer Dr. Aruna Wanninayake, Secretary- KUTA, Senior Lecturer Dr. Anura Karunarathna, Treasurer- KUTA, Senior Lecturer Ven. Dr. Kapugollawe Anandakiththi Thero, Committee Member- KUTA graced the occasion representing KUTA.
This donation to the Covid 19 Health and Social Security Fund was made by KUTA for purchasing health equipment , implementing social security.

Preparedness for COVID-19 at University of Kelaniya

The KUTA had a meeting with Acting Vice Chancellor, Registrar and the chief medical officer to discuss the Preparedness and future plan for control of COVID-19 condition at university of Kelaniya on 14th of May, 2020.

In this meeting, the Chief Medical Officer, University of Kelaniya informed that he has made some guidelines for university staff with references of guidelines of the Ministry of Health and UGC based on the instructions of Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Laxman Seneviratna. He appreciated the support given by the acting Vice Chancellor, all the Deans of the faculties, Registrar, Bursar, supply committee and chief security officer to achieve this success up to now. Also, he requested the fullest support from the KUTA for the battle against the Covid-19 at the University of Kelaniya.


The Chief Medical Officer briefed following measures taken up to now:

  1. Establish Foot operated Hand washing areas near by Hand dryers
  2. Wall Mounting Hand sanitizers - (400 units) will be completed next week
  3. Supply of hand sanitizers for required areas
  4. Education about COVID-19 for sanitary and security staff
  5. Infrared Thermometers for all entrance points
  6. providing a mask for security and sanitary staff as free of charge
  7. Protective equipment for sanitary and security staff
  8. All sanitary and disinfectant measures from medical Centre -PHI/ MOH
  9. Safety equipment for Medical staff
  10. Separate washing areas for sanitary workers
  11. Buffer stock of all required chemicals, mask, and safety equipment
  12. Provide transport for staff
  13. Health education plan to be conducted in all categories of staff
  14. Plan to demonstrate health advice posters
  15. Established COVID-19 control committee.

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