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Student Clubs

University of Kelaniya comprises many student clubs. Some of them are Gavel club, Leo club, Aisec club, Rotract club, career fair…etc, which work under the Career Guidance Unit. University students can join with these clubs and improve their soft skills so that they will have a good career after leaving the university. Gavel club is to improve Public speaking and leadership of its members. Aisec club is to explore and develop its members’ leadership potential. Rotract club and Leo club are to give their members contribution for social activities. Apart from the clubs that are under the career guidance unit, there are more clubs under different centers of the university of kelaniya to improve students’ talents and skills.
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Sports and Fitness

The Department of Physical Education (DPE) provides a wide range of Sports and Recreation programmes for the benefit of internal students of the University. These activities are supported by some of the best sport facilities in the University System in Sri Lanka which comprises two outdoor play grounds and two large indoor Gymnasiums in Kelaniya premices and indoor gymnasium, multipurpose outdoor court and play ground in Ragama Premises with modern facilities for 23 sports disciplines. The main objective of the DPE is to promote and improve the student-sporting prowess and provide opportunities to develop team and individual sports. The Sports Council appointed annually functions as the students organizing arm of the department. Colours Awards Ceremony jointly organized by the DPE and Sports Council, with the objective of appreciating sports performances of the undergraduates held in each Academic Year.

Department of Physical Education
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Art and Culture

University of Kelaniya provides to the undergraduates many arts activities. Cultural center of the university of Kelaniya which is affiliated with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, offers to the university undergraduates different kinds of certificate courses related arts such as music, dancing, singing…etc, As well as many cultural and art shows & entertaining ceremonies are held at the university premises with the participation of the students & university academic staff.
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Student Accommodation

University of Kelaniya provides accommodations to the undergraduates coming from afar & poor income families. Number of hostels available at the university of Kelaniya so that students can study staying at the university. Free water, electricity and other necessary facilities are available for the students at these hostels. The students of these hostels is protected with 24 hour security.
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Student Counselling

Student counselling is a main part considered in every faculty of the University of Kelaniya. Student counsellors have been appointed for each faculty so that undergraduates can continue their studies in a good mental situation. Undergraduates of the University of Kelaniya can meet the particular student counsellor who has been appointed for them and get solved their problems. As well as a special unit called “Kalana Mithuru Sewana” has been established at the university so that undergraduates can meet counsellors and discuss and get solved their problems.