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Your safety is our first priority

there are security people in this picture

University Security Service

The Security Service of the University both personal as well as the security of the property functions throughout the 24 hours. The internal and the private security of the university join hand to perform their duties under the guidance of the Chief Security Officer.

All the functions such as the ceremonies, welfare activities of the undergraduates and emergency situations are handled by them for the benefit of the university, having the idea of supporting the Administrative Officers and the Academic Staff.

In case of an emergency, contact the security service through the following numbers.

Mr. D M Namal Bandara, Chief Security Officer






Health Centre of the University

The University Health Service is organized to help the students & staff of the University to lead an active life free from disease and it contributes towards the social wellbeing of students and provides a comprehensive, preventive health service. All registered students and staff are entitled to free consultations, free basic medicinal drugs, laboratory service and other services. 

Health Centre of the University ( UHC ) functions as an “ out patients” departments ( OPD ) of a normal hospital, attending to health needs of nearly 10000 of undergraduates and around 2000 academic and non – academic staff, as well as their close relatives.

Dr. R.M.Chinthaka Sanjeewa Rathnayake 
Chief Medical Officer – 0112903155 /0112917707

Dental Surgeon - 0112903154
Matron - 0112903152
Office - 0112903153
Pharmacy - 0112903156
Laboratory - 0112903531
PHI office - 0112903530